6 causes of hair breakage -damaged hair repair

To obtain loner hair, you must understand damaged hair and breakage. Hair is a living breathing organism that must be cared for. In this article i will share with you 6 causes of hair breakage. Also i will be answering the question of if hair can be repaired. 

What Is Damaged Hair ?

First you must recognize damaged hair. Most times damaged hair is ruff and hard to comb or brush through. Hair is usually damaged on the ends of the hair. I will insert a picture of what damaged hair looks like below. Split ends and little tiny knots aka fairy knots are associated with breakage.  

As you can see in this picture my hair is damaged at the ends. Take a look at the roots of my hair also look toward the ends. The hair on the ends looks similar to a Brillo pad. That part of my hair didn’t want to get completely straight. There is nothing i could do or use to get the ends of my hair straight. When your hair is in a curly state its harder to see if your ends look like Brillo pads. Bellow i will insert a picture of my hair in its curly state. 

Lady with long natural damaged hair
Lady with curly hair that is damaged and is breakage

In this photo my hair was in its curly state and there does not appear to be any damage. One way you can tell if you do have damage is by looking at your ends. You may not see it in this picture but my hair had split ends and knots.

Why Is My Hair Breaking

There are a few reasons why your hair is breaking. First i will give you a brief story on why my hair was breaking. Then i will jump right into other reason your hair may be breaking.  

My hair was long but it still was breaking badly. I had a lot going on in my life for a moment in time. At that time my hair was the last thing on my mind. Even though i love my hair. I just did not have and want to make the time for it. So my hair suffered from the lack of love and attention that it desperately needed.  

Here are six reasons your hair may be breaking. I will go into depth below.

  1. Lack of love 
  2. en proper Moisture and Protein balance
  3. en proper Sealing method 
  4. Perms/Texture treatments
  5. Hair dye
  6. Styling   

1. Lack of Love

We are only human and sometimes life happens. Keeping up with a hair care routine during life’s struggles can be hard. Especially when there are lots of different things going on in your life at that moment. Hair needs love and attention just like a child does in order to flourish greatly. The lack of love and care can severely damage your hair aiding in breakage 

little baby and lady with natural hair

Love your hair as you would love and care for a baby. Your hair is your baby show it some love and tender care.

2. En Proper Protein and Moisture Balance

If you didn’t know that your hair will thrive with the proper protein and moisture balance. This is by far the most important thing most naturals didn’t know or understand. For more information on protein and moisture balance. 

1. En proper sealing method

Above all sealing you hair will allow moisture and protein to stay inside your hair strands. If hair is not properly sealed hair will continue to break off. There are two ways you can seal your hair. 

  • cold water rinse 
  • Butters or oils

Using cold water to rinse your hair after a hair treatment can be beneficial. But i find by doing this before applying butters and oils closes, the nutrition’s from these products out of the hair.

Applying butters and oils or butters mixed with oils is the best method. This works by sliding your hands with product down the width of your hair. Furthermore this allows the nutrition from these products to absorb into your hair. As a result of smoothing product in a downward motion this seals the hair.    

4. Perms and Texture-risers 

Personally i am anti perms and texture-risers because they actually do more harm then good. Was i always like this? No i use to get perms every 2 weeks before deciding to go completely natural. With that being said texture-risers lifts the cuticles of your hair drastically. Example most store brought shampoos have a ph range of 6. A perm or texture-riser has a ph range of 8-9.5. Hair thrives with a ph around 4.5 and 5.0 with 6 range being the highest you should go.

So by using these chemicals you are asking your hair to break off. There is a way that you can stop the breakage and continue to use these chemicals. First you must protein and moisture treatment your hair right after the process of a chemical application. Then you must protein a moisture treatment your hair weekly because these chemicals break down the protein bonds in your hair.    

5. Hair dye 

Using hair is dye is similar to using a perm. The ph of most hair dyes is around 11.6. Which i find to be very outrageous just to change your hair color. This drastic jump in ph ranges does the same thing as a perm. Coloring your hair can cause major breakage to your hair. The ph of your hair must be properly brought back down to a 4.5. Follow the same example i gave above in the perm section to bring the ph of your hair into balance.     

6. Styling 

Finally styling can definitely cause hair breakage issues. Here are a few reasons styling can cause hair breakage.

  • Tightly constructed styles
  • Combing and brushing 
  •  Hair Extensions 

Anything to tight is never good. The scalp will suffer from this kind of styling. Adding this kind of stress on your scalp will cause damage and it will break off. If you have a headache or bumps on your scalp it is to tight just take it down. your scalp is sending you warning signs of damage maybe you should listen. 

Finger combing needs to become your best friend. I say this because you will cause less breakage and damage to your hair. Example finger combing allows you to carefully remove tangles and knots with out damaging your hair. In contrast combs and brushes do not have the ability to feel tangles and knots. Rather these tools are ripping through your hair. Causing damage and breakage to your hair strands. 

Most people like to wear hair extensions i use to wear them all the time. There is nothing wrong with wearing hair extensions and you can still grow health hair. The major problem is leaving the hair extensions in for to long this can and will cause breakage to your hair. Also the irritation that it may cause to your scalp can damage your scalp because after a while hair extension may start to itch. Its best to leave hair extensions in for no more then 3 weeks and a month at most to avoid damage.

How to fix breakage and damaged hair

Breakage and damaged hair can only be fixed temporarily. Keratin protein is best for damaged hair. This protein will fill the gaps in your hair. There is only one way that you can fix damaged hair permanently and that is by cutting it off. 

Yes unfortunately the only way to achieve health hair permanently is to cut off all breakage and damaged hair. I wish there was another way to fix this problem but there is not. When you decide to cut off the damaged hair it will be the best thing to do. Your hair can get rid of all the damage and breakage and it will be easier to manage. Most of all your hair will grow like a weed in the grass. Its rather hard to see hair growth when your hair is constantly breaking off. 

Lady with scissors getting ready to cut her damaged hair
Lady who just cut her hair from damage and breakage

Hair never stops growing but most times when you are dealing with breakage and damaged hair. You will not see growth because your hair is breaking off faster then it is growing. Its kind off sad but those ends were dead it was time to let go of them. Cutting the damaged dead ends off is the only way to continue to retain length and actually see hair growth. So to answer your question the only way to fix damaged hair is to cut it off.


Going natural is honestly the best way to go. But you can still per say have healthy permed and dyed hair. As long as you properly bring back down the ph of your hair. Damaged and breaking hair can not be fixed permanently. If the damage is already done you have to cut it out. Practice health hair care maintenance and you will be able to keep damage at bay. If you are not doing or doing any of these things to your hair and it continues to break.

Please don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message. So i may help you with your breakage and damaged hair issues. 

Attributes: Audrey Sivasothy 

How to grow long hair faster naturally-Hair information

Everyone wants long hair faster naturally. In order to grow your hair in this way. Technic’s are essential and there is important information that you must know and understand. 

Before we get into how to grow long hair faster naturally. First of all you must know how to Love your natural hair. Once you have read this article, you are ready for more.

 Grow Longer Hair Faster Naturally

When growing hair longer faster naturally. Your scalp should be one of your first agendas. Hair grows directly from the scalp. So nourishing your scalp can transform most of your hair.

The reason why i say nourishing your scalp can transform most of your hair because if the ends of your hair is damaged there lies a problem. If you have split ends or little tiny knots on the ends of your hair, you will have to cut it off. 

The scalp is made up of proteins but needs moisture as well. The scalp thrives when there is proper moisture, protein and ph balances. I will go more in depth on ph balance later in this article.

Scalp Dryness 

There are lots of people who suffer from scalp dryness. Scalp dryness is one of the main reasons why your hair is not growing longer faster. This is due to the fact that your scalp is not being nourished like it should be.

Many factors can cause the scalp to dry out. Just to name a few medication, stress, hormones, dandruff and weathering. With these causes in mind, know that the scalp is not producing enough sebum or it may not be producing any sebum at all. When these issues arise causing your scalp to become dry it is always best to use natural and organic high quality oils to nourish your scalp. 

Scalp Irritation-grow long hair faster naturally

Scalp irritation can be a underling problem. Most likely scalp irritation is caused by a bacterial infection on the scalp. You can obtain bacterial infection on the scalp due to an en proper scalp ph balance. This can happen by the products that you may be using or by not using high quality oils on you scalp.      

If your scalp is irritated or inflamed, Tea tree, Rosemary or Lavender essential oils should be used. Always dilute essential oils, with a carrier oil. When using essential oils because they happen to be very potent and will burn your scalp when used alone.

The essential oils that i mentioned above will fight and kill any unwanted irritating bacterial. Also these oils have the ability to prevent and heal inflammation of the scalp. The hardest part can be to not scratch your scalp during the healing process.

Toxic Chemicals And Scalp Issues

Toxic chemicals are commonly found in store brought products. chemicals like paraben’s that have been know to cause cancer. Even sulfates that can cause scalp irritation. Paraben’s and sulfates just to name a few are man made toxic chemicals. Even some fragrances can smell great but can also irritate and inflame the scalp.   

Every ingredient must be researched for purity. What the scalp needs is high quality natural and organic compounds. Toxic kinds of ingredients can work havoc on your scalp. Always testing the ph of your products are essential to maintain a proper scalp ph balance. This is very important because the scalp and hair ph ranges from a 4.5-5.5 with 6 being the highest you should go.  

Using a product with a ph range over 6 will drastically lift your hair cuticles and leave your hair and scalp dry. By using a product over a 6 ph range this can damage the layers of your hair. Correct example, use a shampoo at a ph range of 6. Follow up with a conditioner at a ph range of 5.5. Then protein or moisturizing deep conditioner at a ph range of 5.0. Finally use a leave in conditioner or oil at a ph range of 4.5.

Bold Spot And Scalp Issues  

Bold spots and thinning hair is very common for women and men. Majority of the time these conditions are hereditary. But there is light after the store let me tell you. In my family it is hereditary for the women in my family to have thin hair in the top front of our head. My hair started to thin out in that same area when i was 24 years old. Look at me now↓

Heratitery means nothing when you know how to care for your hair. Hair and scalp must be properly cared for under any circumstance. When your hair is experiencing bold spots or thinning your hair is just crying out for your help and attention. Listen to your hair and learn how to care for it and i promise your hair will flourish like awesomely.

Lady with long hair

Scalp cleansing to Grow long hair faster naturally

Cleansing is one of the main problem of scalp and hair issues. The scalp is a living breathing organism, which requires a proper washing routine. This routine consist of washing, conditioning, shampooing, protein, and moisturizing treatments. For hair to grow longer faster and healthy hair must be washed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. especially if you are dealing with any kind of scalp issues you want to wash your hair weekly.

Washing your hair regularly aids in scalp healing. You need to use ph balanced products on your hair and scalp. Most times by staying within a product line can be easier because most products are ph ranged in order from shampoo to oils.

The use of mineral oils, petroleum jelly and pomades may feel or look good on the hair and all. But the truth be told all these type of products are doing is clogging the pores of your scalp. If the scalp cant properly breath then the hair can not properly grow. Read the labels of products that you buy make sure you check the ingredients list to make sure these kind of ingredients are not in them. 


Longer hair faster is on the way, when you take care of your scalp issues first. Now you are well on your way to long hair naturally. you can use some of the essential oils i spoke about earlier or you can purchase 7 day complete natural Stimulating Hair Growth Oil.


Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or any questions you may have.