Kids Sealing Butter-Grow your child’s hair to waist length

7 day complete natural is honored to present you high quality natural and organic products. Rather not only for adults but for kids as well. Introducing the new kids sealing butter just for kids.

Kids sealing butter

7 day complete natural sealing butter is formulated to seal and add moisture into your child’s hair. While kids sealing butter also protects the hair from the sun.

Kids with curly hair can have long hair too. Most note worthy Curly hair has so many twist and bends that it can be prone to breakage. Certainly when hair is not properly moisturized and sealed breakage will occur.

7 day complete natural kids sealing butter nourishes and seals moisture into your child hair. Furthermore sealing your child’s hair is very essential so moisture will not escape.

Why seal hair properly?

Every time the hair is washed the cuticles on the hair strands are lifted. Even more this process of the cuticles being lifted allows dirt and oils to be properly washed from the hair.

Above all if the hair cuticles are not sealed properly the hair can not retain moisture because it is therefor left open. Your child’s hair will be prone to breakage if the hair cuticle is not closed properly.

When using the butter do not apply butter to scalp as butters are thick and can build up over time. Apply Kids sealing butter 2 -3 inches away from the scalp to prevent clogging the scalp pores.


Apply butter to damp hair not soaking wet hair to allow the product to absorb into the hair. Also seal the moisture into the hair. Rather smooth product onto the hair in a downward motion. 

Step into 7 day complete natural hair product line with confidence. Were your satisfaction is Guaranteed.

kids sealing butter

Order here to protect and seal moisture into your child’s hair. Grow your kids hair to wast length and beyond.  

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Kids hair growth oil-Hair care-Grow your child’s hair longer

7 day complete natural is pleased to provide you with high quality natural and organic products,that actually yield results.

7 day complete natural Kids hair growth oil is formulated to nourish the scalp. Kids hair growth oil also heals the scalp from any scalp issues your child may have.

When growing your child’s hair high quality organic and natural oils must be used. To insure proper nourishment to the scalp as well as ultimate hair growth.

Here at 7 day complete natural we put love into every thing we do. Natural and organic is a way of life,that is very beneficial in a lot of ways.

Taking care of your kids hair can become a challenge. Trying to find products that work can be an even bigger task. That’s what inspired me to formulate natural and organic products.

Once a pone a time i was a full hair product junkie. Definitely for my self but for my kids as well. I spend literally thousands of dollars on hair care products so i know the struggle.

If you desire longer stronger hair for you and you child,you are in the right place at the right time.

Hair grows from the scalp and everyone has sebum on there scalp. Which is a natural oil that your scalp produces

Sometimes the sebum can be to thick on the scalp or the scalps ph can be off balance. These interference can result in the hair growing slower or even cause the hair to break off.

Sebum is like your scalps moisture and lubrication.

Most curly hair girls have issues with there sebum traveling from the scalp to the hair shaft. This is due to all the twist and bends that curly hair has. Oil is needed for curly hair to thrive.

That’s why 7 day complete natural kids hair growth oil is essential to have. It is ph balanced to the same ph of the scalp. Kids hair growth oil is light enough to penetrate the hair and scalp for nourishment. Also there is tea tree essential oil which is added to fight any scalp issues that may occur or that your child may have.

Formulated for sensitive skin so there is no irritation to the scalp.

Step into 7 day complete natural hair product line with confidence.