Natural Hair is the way to go. I am a strong beliver in wearing no weave

Hello everyone my name is Jasmine and i am the owner,founder and creator of 7 day complete natural hair line.

Before i started my business i was a serious hair product junkie. I spent thousands of dollars on hair products for me and my daughters, with no lasting results.

I always had a passion for hair and i desired to have long hair instead of buying long hair extensions.

God has showed me what to incorporate into my products to actually make them work. Every work of my hands are blessed in the name of Jesus.

I can not take credit for my works because the glory goes to God through me to be able to provide these blessed high quality products that actually yield results.

I am honored to be able to provide you with high quality natural and organic products at a discounted price.

You can also find informational blogs within my website. This information will give you step by step processes on how to care for your hair properly.