Is protein needed for hair growth-protein is required for hair

Protein is very essential to all hair types as well as moisture. Many people don’t know the importance of these kinds of treatments. In this article i will explain everything you need to know about protein. Also why protein is needed for hair growth. Protein is a major asset to your hair care routine for healthy growing hair.

What Is Protein

Our body’s is made up mostly of protein. Just like our body’s need fuel to have energy like eggs and meat. These are kinds of proteins that gives our body energy. Hair needs protein as well but hair needs hydrolyzed protein. Which is different from the protein that the body needs for energy.

Lots of people swear by egg protein for hair. Not only is this messy but its also is a incorrect theory. Eggs are not considered a hydrolyzed protein because the molecules or Adam’s are to large to penetrate the hair strands. Furthermore hydrolyzed proteins are usually liquid or in powder form in its raw state.

Protein is needed for hair growth

The body needs protein for fuel and to be able to function properly. Hence hair does as well to continue to grow healthy. If your hair is weak and has lack of strength ,then a hydrolyzed protein is needed to strengthen your hair. Also if your hair is healthy protein is needed because there always has to be a balance between protein and moisture.  When your hair is damaged hydrolyzed proteins are small enough to sit in the gaps of your damaged hair strands. 

Example: Damaged hair has gaps on the hair strands. This damage can cause hair to break off. So applying a hydrolyzed protein will stand in the gaps of the damaged hair. Therefore repairing damaged hair only temporarily lasting for up to 2 weeks. Then you must protein treatment again until your hair is balanced or you decide to cut the damage off.

Hair Strand Protein Test

There are a lot of different ways people test for protein balance. Here i will tell you the most accurate way i have found to give great results. First shampoo and condition your hair, you want to do this test before you add a treatment. Then you want to take a strand of clean hair that may have shed out during the washing process. Finally take the strand of hair pull it and if it breaks with no elasticity protein is needed.

Most times hydrolyzed proteins can be very strong and can make your hair very stiff. If or when this happens you want to admittedly follow up your protein treatment with a moisturizing deep moisture treatment. Consequently you may be protein sensitive or your hair is not use to strong amounts of protein. Don’t let this stop you from using protein, just follow up with a deep moisturizing conditioner and you will be fine.  

Protein Is needed For Hair Care

Protein is needed for hair growth. When your hair is fully healthy having a protein moisture balance. Then you can protein treatment once a month. Just remember if your hair is damaged protein treatments are only temporary fixes. Before it all said and done you must cut the damage off. Most note worthy lots of store brought products advertise repairing conditioner. This is false once hair is damaged it can not be fixed permanently only temporarily. The only way to fix damaged hair permanently is to cut it off and use healthy hair care practices.  

Hydrolyzed protein strengthens your hair form the inside. Leaving your hair strands elastic and stronger then they were before. Over time hair can lose some of it’s outer layers do to styling and just weathering. So regardless if your hair is damaged or not protein treatments are essential. One thing to keep in mind is some styling products have hydrolyzed protein in them. So in order to avoid protein over load you must use these products in moderation.  

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How Often Should I Protein Treatment my Hair

This factor depends on the health of your hair. Protein should be used weekly or bi weekly if you have damaged hair. On the other hand if your hair is healthy and you have a protein and moisture balance. Therefore you should protein treatment once a month on average. when preforming protein treatments you want to be attentive . Always listen to your hair go back to the hair strand protein test that i mention above and assure proper protein balance. 


Always listen to your hair needs, learn your hair. Protein is needed in every hair routine.  Once you master a protein and moisture balance your hair will countinue to retain length. Most times breakage occurs due to the lack of balance. Remember when using protein for your hair it must be hydrolyzed protein. Furthermore make sure the styling products that you are using don’t have protein in the first five ingredients while preforming protein treatments.   

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