Stimulating hair growth oil

Growing your hair is not a hard task when you create a hair regimen. So i will take you step by step into a simple regimen, that you can follow for ultimate hair growth. 

7 day complete natural Stimulating hair growth oil is formulated with high quality natural and organic ingredients. Certainly when creating a regimen and following directions your hair will grow 1 inch every week.


Apply to scalp 3 times a week or as needed. Even more you must wash your hair bi-weekly to monthly. For fastest results you need to wash your hair weekly. Therefore when growing your hair faster you must use a protein and moisturizing conditioner or treatment. I will tell you more about protein and moisture below.  

Regimen Building For Ultimate Hair Growth

Building a regimen is a very important part of  accelerating your hair growth. There are a few things you must do and know for ultimate hair growth. We will go over these things in just a moment. 

First  of all you must know if your hair is properly balanced between protein and moisture. If your hair is breaking off then this means that your hair is not balanced or you may have damaged ends. 


Therefore the  way you know protein is needed is when your hair has not elasticity. The best way to do this test is with a strand of clean hair. First of all you must wash your hair so take a strand of clean hair. Then pull it lightly if there’s no stretch and it breaks therefore you need protein. Keratin protein is the best so make sure the protein is hydrolyzed.


Moisturizing treatments or deep conditioners are needed when your hair is dry also if your hair snaps off. You can test your hair strand the same way i mention above. Like wise pull your hair strand and if it’s elastic but also breaks moisture is needed. Properly moisturized hair will leave your strands feeling soft.   

Breakage And Ultimate Hair Grow 

Most note worthy if your hair is breaking you will not see the growth because most times hair breaks faster then it grows. There are a few reasons your hair may be breaking off. 

  • split ends
  • Protein and moisture en-balance 
  • little tiny knots aka fairy knots
  • en proper sealing method

These issue may occur and the only thing you can do is cut/trim your hair. Split ends and fairy knots can be prevented by following a proper sealing method. 

Shampooing For Ultimate Hair Growth

Cleaning your hair and scalp is essential to ultimate hair growth. Hair grows directly from the scalp. Over time our scalp can accumulate build up from products. When washing your scalp make sure to rinse well. I advise you to shampoo at lest twice to insure all product and dirt is clear. Allow the shampoo to rinse down your hair strands for proper hair cleansing.   

Also always follow up your shampooing with a rinse out conditioner. Furthermore never apply conditioner on your scalp. Your scalp must stay clean of all product build up, dirt and products. The Stimulating hair growth oil should be the only product on your scalp.

Sealing Hair Properly For Ultimate Hair Growth

Certainly this step is important as having a protein and moisture balance. Fore the reason that your hair cuticles will be closed allowing moisture to be sealed inside your hair. You can seal your hair with oil’s or butter. Leave in conditioner is not a sealant therefore  you can not use leave in conditioners alone. Rather this is the order in which you want to layer your products. Example leave in conditioner, butters mixed with oils and or oil’s.

Most of all i recommend that you use butters that are mixed with oils. Then add another layer of oil to your hair. when sealing your hair you want to part your hair in 4 sections. So this is optional you can go a step farther and do subsections for every section. Apply your products to each section or sub section by rubbing your hands together. Also apply the product by placing the hair in between your hands and smooth down. 


Step into 7 day complete natural hair line with confidence. I will be here for you taking you every step of the way. If you have any problems or concerns do not hesitate to contact me. I will get back to you promptly. You are in the right place at the right time try Stimulating hair growth oil and grow your hair 1 inch every week.

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Attributes go to Audrey Sivasothy. 

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